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Senior Mechanical Engineer
Technology Department
Monthly salary range :10-12K Number of recruits :3 closing date : 2021-09-16
operating duty :
  1. Be responsible for module scheme design, structure design and type selection confirmation of relevant components in new product / technology development;

  2. Be responsible for the output of module design data (such as module bill of material, bill of materials, three-dimensional model, tooling fixture, etc.);

  3. Be responsible for the output of module production materials (such as module assembly and commissioning specifications, module production accompanying work order, module verification record form, etc.);

  4. Be responsible for the follow-up and handling of relevant module problems during the assembly and commissioning of new products;

  5. Responsible for handling and following up the problems of relevant modules in the new product client verification;

  6. Assist the product team to carry out new product finalization;

  7. Responsible for the preparation and application of module related patents.

Job requirements :
  1. Mechanical design and related disciplines;

  2. Bachelor degree or above;

  3. 2-5 years working experience in semiconductor equipment, automation equipment, robot and other industries;

  4. Participate in or lead at least 2 new mechanical design and development projects.

Email application:17630509111
Art Designer
Marketing Department
Monthly salary range :10-12K Number of recruits :1 closing date : 2021-09-10
operating duty :
  1. College degree or above, familiar with photography, major in art design is preferred. Welcome outstanding fresh graduates

  2. More than 1 year working experience in e-commerce design.

  3. Have a good team spirit, be able to obey the allocation and arrangement and be competent for the rhythm of high-intensity work.

  4. Experience in tmall mall design is preferred. 8 hours

  5. Monday to Saturday: 9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00 (seven hour six day system)

Job requirements :
  1. Reasonable and generous salary: basic salary + bonus + year-end bonus + incentive bonus for excellent employees, etc;

  2. Perfect leave combination: paid annual leave, paid sick leave and legal leave;

  3. Favorable welfare system: endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance and unemployment insurance;

  4. Colorful employee activities: employee dinner, birthday benefits, holiday parties, tourism activities, etc;

  5. Good promotion opportunities: there will be a year-end bonus after working for one year, and there will be additional bonus benefits for old employees year by year according to the number of years;

  6. Office building, comfortable working environment.

Email application:17630509111
New media promotion
Marketing Department
Monthly salary range :5-8K Number of recruits :1 closing date : 2021-09-09
operating duty :
  1. Responsible for the operation of new media such as jitter, video frequency, tiktok and headlines.

  2. Responsible for negotiation and maintenance of new media related cooperation channels;

  3. Be responsible for the writing and editing of relevant contents of new media, and assist in the writing of marketing copy;

  4. Responsible for the development and maintenance of relevant cooperation channels.

Job requirements :
  1. College degree or above, at least two years working experience in new media operation;

  2. Clear logic, good at communication and teamwork, excellent pressure resistance and driving ability;

  3. Excellent copywriting skills, able to write media manuscripts and soft articles; Be good at analyzing operation data and result oriented;

  4. Good at grasping hot spots, quick thinking and big brain hole.

Email application:17630509111