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Fuel dispenser bottom basin solution
Fuel dispenser bottom basin solution

The bottom basin of the fuel dispenser is designed and installed under the fuel dispenser in the gas station, which is the pipe connection joint and elbow under the fuel dispenser

The emergency shut-off valve provides installation space to prevent soil pollution in case of oil leakage at the pipe joint in the bottom basin,

At the same time, it also prevents groundwater from entering the area and corroding the metal joints and valves in the bottom basin

Product features

Super large installation plane, super large operating space in the basin, no splicing integrated structure, meeting the installation requirements of full composite pipeline, high strength engineering plastics and good toughness

Performance characteristics

1. Unique integrated structure, one-time molding, easy installation and reducing the possibility of leakage.

2. Bottom retraction structure, with oil collection function.

3. The top opening is retracted and fully butted with the bottom opening of the fuel dispenser.

4. The high-strength engineering plastic material has light weight, strong pressure bearing capacity and incomparable toughness of other materials. It can effectively eliminate the tension of settlement on pipelines and joints and protect the underground pipeline system during land settlement.

5. The side is easy to be perforated and easy to install. Compared with the bottom basin of other materials, the installation period is much shorter.

6. An oil-water sensor can be installed inside, which can automatically alarm in case of leakage, so as to realize the intelligent management of the service station.

7. Advanced manufacturing technology and beautiful appearance.