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Solution of manhole operation well in gas station
Solution of manhole operation well in gas station

The function of the new composite oil tank operating well is mainly to prevent the soil from being polluted by oil leakage at the pipeline joint at the underground oil tank of the gas station,

At the same time, it also prevents groundwater from entering the operation well and corroding the metal joints in the well. It is a container for protecting the joints, valves, oil pumps and underground pipeline joints of underground oil tanks in gas stations;

It can also provide a clean space connected with the ground for the underground oil tank itself, so as to facilitate future repair and maintenance.

Product features

1.4m internal cutting diameter, super large operation space, unique octahedral structure and non splicing integrated structure meet the installation requirements of full composite pipeline. The pipeline in the well can be arranged horizontally and vertically

Performance characteristics

1. The wavy neck can be cut according to the site working conditions to achieve the appropriate installation height on site.

2. Unique integrated structure, one-time molding, easy installation and reducing the possibility of leakage.

3. The bottom retraction structure and the connecting bolts with the flange surface of the oil tank are all inside the manhole, which is easy for bottom maintenance.

4. The bottom is retracted, which greatly reduces the flange size of the upper part of the oil tank and reduces the flange cost of the oil tank.

5. The high-strength engineering plastic material has strong pressure bearing capacity and incomparable toughness of other materials. It can effectively eliminate the force of settlement on the oil tank and protect the oil tank when the oil tank settles.

6. The side is easy to be perforated and easy to install. Compared with the inspection well with traditional structure, the installation period is much shorter.

7. An oil-water sensor can be installed inside, which can automatically alarm in case of leakage, so as to realize the intelligent management of the service station.

8. Advanced manufacturing technology and beautiful appearance.